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As someone who grew up in church, there was an expectation that at some point I would have gotten saved and baptized. As a teenager, I experienced something beyond comprehension. I saw God move in my life as a teenager and I knew then that serving him is what I wanted. I’ve since lived by the saying, “seeking greatness for ourselves may bring temporary acclaim but serving God results in a lasting gain.”

My passion has always been Journalism and I have always been into reading and writing from a tender age. So far, I have worked with media companies, newspapers and news websites but my time with them cannot be compared to the job that I have now. Coming to the Voice Of Life Radio has taught me a lot, not only about myself but more about God and the people. I see this as a ministry more than a job on most days because being able to be a blessing to someone has been more rewarding than any rewards I’ve seen so far.

My goal here is to simply do God’s work how he would like me to do it, by being the salt, seasoning the earth and the light in a world full of darkness!



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