Here's a snippet of some of the many testimonials & encouragements we have received from our listeners

“[…] beautiful Radio Station which inspires many a soul from wandering and getting to learn to love and trust the Lord as Saviour and King of their lives. Continue the good work which you all are doing and keep looking up from whence cometh our help which is from the Lord.” – M.G., Goodwill

“Voice of Life and you have been a blessing and encouragement to me. Thank you very much for Voice of Life” – C.E.

“Continue to preach the good old gospel of Salvation not of him that willeth nor of him that runneth, but God who shows mercy (Romans 9:16). People need to hear why Christ died.” – P.H., Stockfarm, Dominica

“Voice of Life is a very great blessing to my heart. God bless the whole staff of Voice of Life.” – R.E.

“Voice of Life has always played a very important part in my life and so I want to say thank you for reaching, teaching and changing lives throughout the world.” – C.R., Bath Estate

“I thank God Almighty on every remembrance of you lovely folks; as without your beautiful voices from day to day on the wave lines, some folks would be miserable, but thanks to God for that opportunity to listen to the wonderful words of life from the Bible and to the inspirational hymns and songs” – R.&M.D., Canefield

“I find comfort, joy and peace listening to VOL. Thank God the day I came across this Station. VOL has been a great help to me spiritually. Thank you for the good music and also the words of encouragement.” – GH, Paix Bouche

“Praise the Lord Jesus Christ. It’s a pleasure always to listen to the V.O.L. Radio because we are always blessed. I love supporting God’s work so as usual I posting my pledges. Thanks for touching hearts like mine, and it’s my prayer that this station will continue on air till the end of time. Praise God and thank you.” – C.R., Capuchin

“We are truly blessed year after year. We pray that God will continue to bless and prosper you guys. May VOL live on and continue to bless and change the hearts and lives of many, many others.” – Victor Family

“I am very grateful for the great job that you all are doing… I would like to support the VOL and renewing my covenant to God. I enjoy all your programs especially Insight for Living… I am happy that you are still on the air.” – V.R., Mahaut

“Lord, we pray that people will continue to sow in this ministry and others will continue to be blessed by it. Thank you, Lord for opening the gates of heaven and pouring into Voice of Life.” – J.D.

“We give thanks to God for every one of you, and for the effort you all are making to keep the Radio Station on the air… God will continue to bless this Radio Station.” – D.T., Portsmouth

“It is a great joy to sit and listen to MP on the television. It’s a blessing and I want to say thank you for the great work that is going on at Voice of Life. May the Lord continue to bless VOL as you continue to do this great work.” – C.B., Massacre

“I am now living in London but remember you all very much. God bless Voice of Life Radio.” – A.G., London

“Greetings to the staff of VOL Radio…what great pleasure it gives me to log onto the internet and listen to the station, without VOL Radio Station where and what would I do? The Lord is the only one that knows, for my life would be a wreck… I pray that many people listening get the blessings that I do for it sure sustains me through the day, I keep it as my home page and never switch the station…I go to bed logged on and awake to the sound on the air waves… as I sit here tonight I can hear the crusade going on so I am going to be listening with the kids ….thanks… keep up the good work for the Lord” – Merlyn

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