Team Members

The station is staffed by a team of supportive, dedicated Christians employed in Kingdom-building. The team desires the continuation of this ministry and conscientiously works at bringing to our listeners the best in programming. The staff comprises full-time and part-time employees, as well as volunteers.

Let us introduce you to the team involved in bringing the good news of the gospel across the airwaves to you:

Hi, I’m Gairy Didier and I have been a member of the Voice of Life family since 1984. I’m your morning voice and you will find me making a splash right there in your morning java between your favorite toast and whatever and before all that happens interrupting your dreams and getting you out of […]

Serving Jesus is wonderful! Pleasing Him takes priority in my life! After graduating from the Wesley High School in 1978, I had the opportunity to complete several courses in Journalism locally. In 1985, I began my employ at Radio ZGBC as a News Reporter but was later appointed as a radio announcer. It’s quite rewarding […]

Just a small word to you my friends: I once worked with a hardware company where I also had the opportunity to do plumbing and get small jobs after work which by the way is another, or my first passion, the second is what I am doing now. However, as I began taking deep interest […]

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Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature…our Lord’s command to us. The Voice of Life has for me been a platform to spread the good news in obedience to Christ’s command. This has been the case since 2018. What a wonderful journey so far, combining a career pursuit in […]

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