Medina James

Serving Jesus is wonderful! Pleasing Him takes priority in my life! After graduating from the Wesley High School in 1978, I had the opportunity to complete several courses in Journalism locally. In 1985, I began my employ at Radio ZGBC as a News Reporter but was later appointed as a radio announcer.

It’s quite rewarding being involved in full time ministry for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. I really do love what I do. As a radio announcer at the Voice of Life Radio, I’m able to reach the masses with the best power tool – the Word of God. It’s an exciting concept to recognize that God can take the garbage of sin and a scarred life and turn it into credentials of His grace. The power of Christ is so great that it reached to the garbage dump of my life and turned trash into treasure.

I’m here because I desire to serve selflessly and to fulfill the Great Commission in reaching millions for Christ and to encourage them to keep the faith. God has been good to me, I can’t complain.

I am a wife and mother of 3 boys and a girl.

I’m here for you!!

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