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Got a pressing question about some concept or passage in God's word you don't understand and would like further clarification about? Got a question regarding an aspect of the Christian walk? What about questions regarding scriptural applications to various aspects of daily life situations, challenges and successes?

Ask The Pastor presents the opportunity for listeners to call in live to ask the pastor(s) in-studio their questions related to the Bible, the Christian walk, the application of a Biblical perspective to various aspects of daily living among other things.

It makes for a great learning opportunity as the pastors and listeners interact on various issues.

Listeners can participate live on the show with questions and comments via (767) 448-4391 or (767) 617-3248.


Every 3rd Sunday of the month: Ask The Pastor (Special Edition): Talking Marriage, Love, Relationships with Pastor Dolph Valerie & Sister Jennifer Valerie.


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