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YOUTH ARISE is a radio program, presented by some young Christians, who are members of the Deeper Life Bible church, Dominica. We are also medical students at the All Saints University School of Medicine, Dominica. The program is targeted at the family and its role in the upbringing of young ones, teenagers and the youth. The youth are the future of any nation, church, family and the world at large. We see ourselves as Vanguards of Change. As a matter of fact we call ourselves Vanguards of Change.

Our goals are:

- To blow the trumpet of godly fear, total repentance from sin, attitudinal change, tolerance, pursuit of purpose, amongst others, through transforming talks and activities that are Bible-based.

- To promote good family practices that would enable parents be seen as good examples by their children and to encourage parents to practice Proverbs 22: 6. This way, when the child grows in godliness, the society would begin to experience transformation.

- To promote friendship, fellowship and natural understanding among youths.

- To instill in youths the braveness to say no to negative influences and confront same.

- To have youths become positive influences among their peers.

- To address the corruption of the leadership roles of the young men and women through talks and dramas.

- To tackle the problem of the corruption of the beauty of true womanhood right from the foundational level.

- To have youths become vanguards of no drugs habit; say no to drugs and encourage their peers to say no.

- To train the total person to know and live by his/her 'True Identity’ in order to be able to change his or her total world, God’s way.

Listener participation in the Youth Arise show is welcomed via (767) 448-4391 or Whatsapp messaging and calls on (767)617-3248.


We believe God will bring His children back to the truth and our society will turn around for the better, with better homes and better children as a result. This would ultimately result in a better society.


Got suggestions as to possible topics we could consider for discussion on the Youth Arise show? Send your suggestions to 1-767-615-7717 or 225-2204


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